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Need to locate your team? Want to see where your sales representatives are or the last location they visited? SPOTIO has a feature that can help with that! The Find My Team feature is a layer built into the Map View that helps you to locate your representatives while they’re in the field.  

What’s Covered in this Article:

  • Why is Find My Team beneficial?
  • How to use Find My Team


Why is Find My Team beneficial?

Find My Team can help you to manage the activity and progress of your sales representatives. In real time, you can locate your representatives and monitor their activities. An example of this would be to see where your team members are located and if an inbound lead comes in you have the ability to assign it to the rep within that proximity. 

 Accountability is key in this role and you want to be sure that routes are completed and your representatives are being productive - not busy. The Team Finder feature provides you with this security and displays the representatives’ recent activities; whether scheduled or completed.


How to use Find My Team

As an Admin/Manager user, you can use the Team Finder layer to locate your sales representatives out in the field in real time.

If your reps have enabled GPS, the Find My Team filter will classify them as either "Active", meaning they are online, or "Inactive", meaning they are offline. In order to appear as "Active", a rep must be logged into SPOTIO with the app running in the foreground. They must be inside the SPOTIO app, working. If SPOTIO is running in the background, the rep will appear as "Inactive".


Find My Team - Web App:

Step 1:

  • Log into .

  • Go to the Map by clicking on the  icon.

  • Next, click on the Layer Menu   .


 Step 2:

  • Click on the toggle to activate the Find My Team filter.
  • The Find My Team layer will identify all active and inactive representatives in the field.


Find My Team - Mobile:


Step 1:

  • Open the SPOTIO app and enter your phone number and click SIGN IN

 Step 2:

  • A text containing a four-digit passcode will be sent to the number provided.
  • Enter this number into the app and access will be granted.  
  • If the passcode is not received a new one will be sent when the timer reaches 0:00.

Step 3:

  • Go to the Map by clicking on the icon.
  • Next click on the Layer Menu   and click the toggle to activate Find My Team.
  • The Find My Team layer will identify all active and inactive representatives in the field.



The location and activity data is updated every minute; unless the representative is in Low Data Mode.

Please be aware that the representative must have their
GPS enabled in order to appear as ONLINE.


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